23rd September 2020 
Testimonials. Carrots


"I have been feeling much better and I haven’t had a stomach upset since I saw you. My wife is amazed at the difference in my health."
Ron Stevens, Banstead

"I wanted to write to say that I am now feeling much better, thanks to your advice I am no longer suffering from hot flushes and I am also sleeping at night, which has made a massive difference."
S MacLeod, Cranleigh.

"I can honestly say that after a week I am feeling so much better, not so sluggish. I'm sleeping well... I am also passing stools daily....hurray!!! " A Treamer-Davidson, Gomshall.

"I had little success with the doctor, but after a consultation with Rosie, my digestive problems improved considerably." CH, Baydon.

"I used to have problems sleeping, but now sleep soundly after following Rosie’s advice." SW, Horsham.

"Seeing Rosie has literally changed my life – my PMS is so much better and my mood swings are far less erratic." CB, Farnham.